Ship to just about any nation around the world utilizing the U.S. Postal provider.

Ship to just about any nation around the world utilizing the U.S. Postal provider.

Division of Facilities

You can find three main solutions for Global Mail: top class, Priority Mail and Express Mail. All solutions are delivered Air Mail. Surface mail is not any longer available.

Postage rates vary between each nation while the precise fat regarding the package. Whenever locating the cost of the mail piece, you need to understand the nation of location, the form regarding the mail piece plus the fat. With those three things, you may get an estimate online for the cost of the postage.

Each nation has certain Prohibitions and Restrictions. Before shipping packages make sure to be certain to test the Prohibitions and limitations for the nation that you will be shipping to. The hyperlink below is actually for the report on each national nation and all mailing foibles.

International Addresses

For instruction on worldwide addresses be sure to proceed with the instructions through the USPS’ internet site.

U. S. Territories and APO/FPO Mail

Mail being delivered to U. S. Territories and APO/FPO locations, they are still domestic mail while they may be away from the U. S. main land. But mail being provided for a customs must be had by these locations form 2976-A attached. Postage costs are just like domestic prices. All Mail services may get to those locations. Some APO/FPO locations try not to accept Express Mail. All the other solutions such as for example top class, Priority, Parcel Post, and Media Mail can be obtained.

Top Class Mail

Top class is considered the most affordable method to deliver postal cards, letters, big envelopes and tiny packages under 4 pounds practically all over the world. Estimated delivery time differs by nation.

– Letters and enormous flat envelopes less than 16 ounces don’t require a traditions type. Letters and big envelopes that are flat 16 ounces need the 2676 traditions form.- Packages under 4 pounds and declared for $400 or less requirements the 2676 traditions kind. Packages declared for over $400 are prohibited from top class Mail, these packages should be delivered Priority that is using Mail Express Mail

Extra solutions designed for high grade Mail Overseas are: certification of Mailing, Insured, Registered, Restricted Delivery and Return Receipt.

Priority Mail

Priority Mail Global provides clients with a trusted and affordable method of sending packages up to 70 pounds to over 190 countries and territories all over the world. Some countries have actually particular fat requirements. The estimated distribution time for the majority of nations is 6 to 10 company days. This time around is perhaps not guaranteed in full.

*Priority Mail Flat price delivery can be obtained. Please use the Priority Mail Link for all of the the sizes and price of this containers.

– All Priority Mail packages which are non-flat price require traditions form 2976-A, be a maximum of 70 pounds in fat and should not exceed 108 ins into the blended length and girth across the thickest area of the package.

– Flat Rate Envelope has a fat limitation of 4 pounds. No customs form is required if the envelope only contains documents (see below for a description) is less than 16 ounces, is no more than ?? inch thick and uniform in shape. Nevertheless in the event that envelope will not fulfill one of these simple needs it’s necessary to have a 2976 traditions kind. And also to make use of a Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope will need to have an announced worth of $400 or less. Declared value over $400 is forbidden and needs to be mailed rate that is non-flat.

– small Rate that is flat Box a fat restriction of 4 pounds and needs a 2976 customs kind. The little Flat Rate Box will need to have an announced value of $400 or less. Declared value over $400 is forbidden and must certanly be mailed rate that is non-flat.

– all the other Flat Rate Boxes require customs form 2976-A, and now have a fat limitation of 20 pounds.

Extra solutions available for Priority Mail Global are: certification of Mailing, Insured, Registered, Restricted Delivery and Return Receipt.

Express Mail

This will be among the mail service that is fastest as well as the only solutions with monitoring and $100 insurance coverage included. Many nations have actually a distribution period of 3 to 5 company times. Express Mail includes a fat limitation of 66 pounds and should not go beyond 108 ins when you look at the mixed length and girth across the thickest component regarding the package. Express mail needs a traditions type. In the event that package is under 16 ounces customs kind 2976 is required if over 16 ounces customs form 2976-A is needed. The Express Mail kind normally necessary for all packages and letters.

– Express Mail Flat speed Envelope can be acquired along with other packaging. Please utilize the Express Mail website link for a complete set of the packaging available.

Extra solutions readily available for Express Mail International are: certification of Mailing, Insured, Restricted Delivery and Return Receipt.


This relates only to printed papers, to not electronic storage space news or products such as for example CD’s, DVD’s or flash drives. Types of papers include the annotated following:

– Audit and company documents- individual communication- Circulars- Pamphlets- adverts- cash sales, checks and comparable things.

Samples of things that usually do not qualify as papers – are believed product, so they might need a traditions kind through the transmitter – include the immediate following:

– CD’s, DVD’s, flash drives, video clip, cassette tapes as well as other electronic news (regardless if they truly are blank)- Artwork- Collector or antique papers- Books- Periodicals- im im Printed music- im Printed academic or test material- Player piano rolls- Engineering drawings- Blueprints- Film- Negatives- X-rays- Photographs



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